Sunday, 5 July 2015


Broccoli and pistachio, beetroot and tomato, mushroom and truffle, pumpkin and carrot.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

June 21st: International Yoga Day

I have a sprained hamstring and a discombobulated shoulder, both results of reckless abandon at jiu jitsu. I attribute this to old age, I am no longer that twenty one year old blessed with youthful recovery time. Despite all of this I'm unusually obdurate about attending the inaugural International Yoga event.

My left eye opens at 6:30 am. I rub my face, groan and desultorily search for my phone. First thing's first, I need to stop the alarm. Phone, found. Alarm, off. I open my second eye and peek under the curtains. The sky is cloudy. Ok, that adjective fails to paint the picture, the sky is threatening. It's a struggle prising myself out of bed at this ungodly hour. There's messages on my phone from a few hours ago - "Out?" - sender, last seen online 5:32 am.

Decision made. I have breakfast and put on my yoga gear. 7:30 I reach to open the front door, my entire apartment is enveloped in darkness and the early morning silence is replaced by a distinct muffled roar. It's raining. Wait, no, it's absolutely pissing down. Well, can't say I didn't try! I change back into my PJs and crawl back into bed. I can't sleep, the rain stops.

My life is unnecessarily complicated, the internal monologue that guides and directs me down paths is fraught with indecision and supreme laziness. I finally arrive at Sun Yat Sen, the field is filled with people. It's an excellent turn out, especially considering the weather. There's lots of families, a plenty of people from all walks of life.

I manage to grab one of the last remaining yoga mats. The event has not managed to escape the precipitate precipitation - I spend the next five minutes wringing the water out of the yoga mat. It's a relaxing yoga sessions, basic postures with nothing too intense. The final pose is savasana. I lie there on my back with my eyes closed whilst listening to the peaceful soundtrack being played over the loudspeakers. I feel the drops of water fall onto my face, the rain comes down steadily, some people stand and make for shelter, I'm already wet and I slowly drifting back into sleep ...

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

This morning, I spent five minutes

Trying to coerce a spider out of my apartment with a comb...

Saturday, 13 June 2015

A weekend in

Finally, a weekend with no visitors, or no reason to go out. Hong Kong can be a demanding city. 

Managed to do a stack of reading, finally started watching Game of Thrones, a lot of massage therapy with my new Yoga Tune of massage balls, made a cream of mushroom soup and even got to the Asia Yoga Conference to listen to a talk with David Swenson.

Currently reading "Essentialism: The disciplined Pursuit of Less" by Greg McKeown 

Friday, 29 May 2015


The reality of the matter is that I'm a Chinese living in China with no grasp of Chinese. That profile, growing up in Australia bore no real consequence other than the odd raised eyebrows of family members and the any interaction with the Chinese community. So after growing up with the Chinese FOBs in highschool the tables have now turned as I struggle with language in China. Yes, I say China, Hong Kong is technically China now.

So comes the insidious realisation that looking oriental, or more specially, looking Chinese in China with no grasp of the language can be a disadvantage in a world that is more than ever placing emphasis on communicating within the region. So, "你識唔識講廣東話呀?" (Néih sīk-m̀h-sīk góng Gwóngdōngwá) is a phrase I regularly hear in Hong Kong - "Do you speak Cantonese?"

My response is a sheepish look and in a FOB accent "" (síu síu) or "a little". I get this question a lot, it usually comes after I open my mouth to speak. Until recently, I was quite being limited to  directing taxis, listening to basic conversations, ordering food and talking to infants (although, I think most infants know Cantonese better than me). Of late, I've been meeting with other organisations looking for candidates with my skill set only to be asked that question mid-interview. I have now received feedback from three separate organisations along the lines of "You're a great fit except we need somebody that can speak Chinese and cover the Cantonese client space". This is not to say that I would have been made an offer but it's definitely becoming a limiting factor - Could my lack of Cantonese be hampering my career progression in Asia?

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Events Management

A last minute change has led to my first foray into events management. I had been thrown into arranging the annual APAC event. My time was spent confirming attendance, calling hotels, meetings with vendors, planning panel discussions, organising conference rooms, selecting dinner menus and arranging buses. The two day event in Singapore went by without a hitch and I even managed to find some Ban Chaan Kuih in the neighbourhood of Commonwealth!

I have to stop losing my mind whenever I see a donut shop. Currently reading "All the Light We Cannot See"

Sunday, 10 May 2015


Third weekend of travel, desperate for rest and relaxation and the company that are heading to Phuket are a bunch of old friends that I haven't been collectively together since I left Sydney at the start of this blog. Cannot wait to see everybody. Managed to finally use up the final day of carry-over annual leave.